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Name: Sarah L.
Status: Student
Age: 18
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 2002

What is the effect of alcohol concentration on yeast fermentation? I am really excited because I think l know the effects of alcohol concentration on yeast. The higher the alcohol concentration the less likelihood fermentation takes place (so less CO2 produced) and more yeast cells die.

I think this is because alcohol denatures the enzymes that are needed in yeast to break down its food supply, i.e. simple sugars. I know it also affects sugar transport and membrane integrity-how? Also can you think of any other effects? Please answer soon please. I have put a lot of toil into this project and want it to be really detailed.

I am from Northern Ireland and visited your website because I thought with it being called askascientist that I could ask you a question and you would answer.

Not my area of expertise but perhaps one of these web sites would be of help to you. The first one seems especially complete and comes from the U.K. so you might even be able to make direct contact with the authors for particular details. Scientists are usually very flattered to have a young person ask them questions about their specialty. Good Luck

Vince Calder

Dear Sarah,

For your project you may want to have a look at the display on wine and vinigar making, in the Virtual Museum of Bacteria

Trudy W.

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