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Name: Lana
Status: student
Grade: 4-5
Location: Outside U.S.
Country: USA
Date: Fall 2009

What are all the metals cars are made out of?

Looking at:

We find this list of metals in cars:

* Iron (Fe)
* Manganese (Mn) :- Steel alloy
* Arsenic (As) :- Solder
* Boron (B) :- Steel
* Niobium (Nb) :- High-strength, low-alloy steel
* Silver (Ag) :- Electrical contacts
* Magnesium (Mg) :- Aluminium alloy
* Lead (Pb) :- Battery
* Chromium (Cr) :- Plating
* Cadmium (Cd) :- Plating
* Nickel (Ni) :- Plating, Stainless steel
* Copper (Cu) :- Electrical wiring, radiator
* Zinc (Zn) :- Anti-corrosion plating
* Vanadium (V) :- Steel
* Cobalt (Co) :- Steel
* Barium (Ba) :- Engine lubricants
* Strontium (Sr) :- Steel
* Tungsten (Wo) :- Light filaments
* Titanium (Ti) :- Steel, paint
* Molybdenum (Mo) :- Engine lubricants, steel
* Sodium (Na) : - Grease
* Calcium (Ca) :- Oils, greases
* Lithium (Li) :- Grease in the door locks
* Germanium (Ge) :- Diodes
* Gallium (Ga) :- Diodes
* Tin (Sn) : - Solder
* Antimony (Sb) :- Solder

I found this list by Googling "metals in cars".

Sincere regards,
Mike Stewart

There are also gold (Au) - computer chips odium and Potassium - glass nd possibly many more!

--Nathan A. Unterman

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