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Name: Betty G.
Status: student	
Age:  N/A
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Date: N/A 

Is there a name for the shape that is created when two circles intersect? It looks to be a pointed ellipse - but does an official geometric name for the shape exist?


I believe you are referring to the "VESICA". Vesicas are the "eye-ball" shaped patterns formed when two or more circles intersect each other. They are also known to be present when looking at the "UFO - style crop circles." I believe the shape of the vesica also appears in 2-dimensional space when two waves of the same phase and amplitude collide. These "vesica" appear as the crests and the valleys (maxs and mins) of the CONstructive and DEstructive interference of two similar waves.

This is either a subset of the SUPERPOSITION PRINCIPLE or VICE VERSA.

Good question. I just hope my answer is helpful.

-Darin Wagner

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