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Name:  Todd
Status: student	
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Can you help me? I am trying to figure out tournament bracketing for a Volleyball Doubles King of the Beach type format. There will be eight to twelve individuals in a bracket. The format is as follows: Every person will play with each other person once (teammate), and play against each person (opponent) a minimal number of times, which I believe should be two. The maxium number of courts need will be available (two for eight players, and three for twelve) and it does not matter how often a player plays on a court. I have tried different methods to solve the problem, but everytime I try to figure it out I have people playing against the same person three times by the fourth round. I would prefer a method on how to solve this problem, but would also gladly accept the solution. The reason I would prefer the method is I would also like to arrange other tournaments similar to the above but have three, four, or six players on a side, so people can get to meet and play with other people they normally would not play with.

Setting up match pairings for more than a few players and rounds is not a simple problem. There are several websites and algorithms available for doing so. I suggest you pursue one of the following websites:

Vince Calder

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