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What exactly are nano seconds? Can you please give me some info on anything that has to do with the prefix 'nano' and 'micro'? thanx-

A nanosecond is one one-billionth of a second. For references, try your library and look for dictionaries or encyclopedias of science or math, rather than general purpose references.


Chapter I of almost any physics text has a table of prefixes.


For a slightly different perspective:

Light travels very fast, about 3 X 10^8 m/sec. In one nanosecond (that's 1 X 10^-9 seconds) light will only travel about 0.3 m -- that's approximately 1 foot.

gregory r bradburn

"Nano" is an SI prefix that means "10-9". You can look in any dictionary for a list of SI prefixes.

prof topper

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