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Name: Nicholas J Montour
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I was wondering if you can help me find a way to study geometry. I am a straight A student and have honors geometry. My teacher, however goes too fast and I don't understand him all the time. When I bring this to his attention he just tells me you are doing fine and don't worry about it. He is a good friend but I want to really understand geometry. Math is my favorite subject and I would really appreciate you finding a way or using something to help me. Thank you.

That's a tough one. Let's try a few tricks; if one doesn't work, another one might.

1. Do you have more than one geometry teacher in your school? If so, maybe you can arrange to switch teachers to "one that you can understand better."

2. Start trying to work way ahead in the book, and then see if you can go to your teacher for help.

3. Go to the library and see if you can find a different (and harder book) that you really like. Try working problems in that book, and go to a teacher for help when you get stuck.

4. Find a friend who's as smart as you, and form a little study group to pursue suggestions "2." and "3."

Good luck, and keep us informed.


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