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What is the standard way of writing algebraic functions (square roots, X to the power of, etc.) in standard DOS text?

Operating systems (like DOS) generally do not support any math functions more complex than +, -, *, and /. It's programming languages where you find powers, exponentiation, and roots; and the notation varies from language to language. FORTRAN uses "**" as in x=y**z; C uses a power function as in x=power(y,z). Roots are, of course, just fractional powers, but most languages use "SQRT" for square-root as in x=SQRT(y) because the square-root function is the most commonly used root. The particular case of "e" to a power is usually denoted x=EXP(y). In ASCII text you usually see "**" or "^" to denote powers, as in: x=y**z or x=y^z.


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