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Age: 30s
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Date: 1999-2001


Depending on the crude oil quality, the refining process, etc...about a ten percent yeild in gas from crude oil is reasonable.

peter f.

--in response to this question about the conversion of crude oil to gasoline, I did some checking. Following a lead from a friend (who is being "cc'ed" on this message) I contacted the Energy Information Administration of the DOE using their website (

I called a person at EIA in Washington who referred me to Table 31 of the EIA's Petroleum Supply Monthly, which you can get by doing a search for the document off the main EIA webpage. It turns out that production runs at typical U.S. refineries vary monthly and this gentleman said for March 2000, the typical US refinery was putting out 47% of its crude oil input as finished gasoline. In other words, 1 gallon of U.S.crude was resulting in 0.47 gallons of gasoline. This is a rough conversion and it varies depending on production rates, so it is not precise.

I also contacted the people at OPIS magazine, based on another website my friend referred me to, and the editor replied to me. He confirmed that production runs at refineries vary from time to time but offered the opinion that roughly 67% of a yield of a barrel (42 gal.) of crude oil is gasoline. He estimated that it takes about 1.5 gallons of crude to make 1 gallon of gasoline.

You can, therefore, see that there is not an exact conversion of crude oil to gasoline in terms of production (which depends on a lot of factors). For the purpose of a response to your Newton inquirer, you may want to advise the person that the conversion from crude to gasoline does vary from refinery to refinery (it appears to also vary from country to country based on some data I saw), but that a range is FROM 1 gallon of crude = 0.47 gal of gasoline TO 1.5 gallons of crude = 1 gal of gasoline.

You may want to refer the inquirer to the EIA website, in particular the Petroleum Supply Monthly, because it has tons of information in it. If the person was able to reach Newton via the NET, he can reach the EIA website and dabble until he drops!


John Suermann

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