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Name:  burbank school
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Date: 1999

Is evolution a FACT or FICTION??

Neither. Evolution is a THEORY, one which is VERY WELL-SUPPORTED BY THE FACTS. Other theories have not been found to be as well-supported.

prof topper

Evolution is a theory. The theory of evolution is a very delicate subject with many pros and cons. Your belief/disbelief in evolution can be decided upon by rigorous research of both the good points and the bad points. I attended a Jesuit (Roman Catholic) institution where the theory of evolution was not taught. It is up to you to decide whether or not the facts are adequately supported.


The two pervious answers are correct if you are talking about the evolution of living things based upon fossils. However, evolution is fact in that we can demonstrate evolution with bacteria and other organisms. Many experiments have successfully shown the principles of evolution. We hear of the evolution of TB for example to a point where drugs that use to be effective now are not because the organism has evolved to a organism that is no longer effected. Darwin's idea of natural selection is and has been clearly demonstrated. However, when it comes to the evolution of Homo sapiens and other higher plants and animals, though the evidence seems clear as to how these organisms evolved, science never lists anything as fact unless it can be clear demonstrated. This can not be done due to the fact that the predecessors are no longer living to positively verify what the fossils suggest. In other words:

The process of evolution is fact. We can clearly demonstrate evolution by how we define it.

The evolution of higher organisms is a theory, because the facts are not available to be absolutely sure, but there is a growing amount of facts that clearly suggest that evolution of all living things did occur.


Bluntly, that is utter hogwash. You can extract every mention of "evolution" from your statement and insert the word "quantum mechanics" and see the ridiculousness of such an argument. The fact that quantum mechanics is well-suppoerted by all experiments to date does not mean that quantum mechanics is a fact. It is a theory, and will always be a theory, until it is replaced by a new, better theory. However, safe money would bet that quantum mechanics will turn out to be a special case of any new theory (just as classical mechanics can be thought of as being a special case of quantum mechanics, in the limit h -> 0).

The theory of evolution is the most successful interpretive framework we have for understanding the origin of life on earth. We have extensive experimental evidence supporting it, including the fact that bacterial colonies are observed to mutate on fairly short time scales. But it is still a theory, and a darned good one.

prof topper

t Hello again

Upon rereading the preceding response, I have decided that my response was a little huffy and uncourteous. I apologize to all if the tone was inappropriate. But most especially, to ssample, my humble apologies.

prof topper

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