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Name: janette l gubala
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Date: 1999

What was the hardest earthquake at; how strong was it?

The earthquake that caused the most destruction in history occurred in the Shansi province of China on January 23, 1556. An estimated 830,000 people were killed. The second most destructive earthquake also occurred in China-- in July, 1976--and killed 255,000 people. Five of the ten most destructive earthquakes occurred in China. Others occurred in Syria (1138), Iran (856, 893), Japan (1923), and Italy (1908).

Other facts and statistics about earthquakes can be found in the QED on-line information system run by the US Geological Survey in Golden, Colorado. For example, the largest earthquake to occur in the United States happened in Prince William Sound, Alaska, in 1964 (Magnitude 9.2!). In the lower 48 states, it is a tie between the February 1812, New Madrid, Missouri earthquake and the January 1857, Fort Tejon, California earthquake (both magnitude 7.9).

The QED system can be reached via internet as: telnet Use the login name of 'QED'. No password required.

QED can also be reached via a modem. The user's terminal should be set to 1200 to 2400 baud. Dial 303-273-8671 or 273-8672. Once on, press the carriage-return or enter key. The computer should respond with GLDSV2>. You type "c qed". This should get you to a username prompt. Type in "QED" and the rest is self-explanatory. Good luck!


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