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Name: James Simmons
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Date: 1999

Why is it important for students to have an education in Earth Science? Or any science, for that matter? What is so valuable about science that all students MUST receive an education it it?


An excellent question.

Many people would give you different answers. My own opinion is this: our society depends increasingly upon technology, and the result of this dependence is that our environment is becoming polluted. Knowing about science will help you to become more informed about the kinds of health risks that politicians and statiticians are currently deciding are "acceptable" for you and your children.

I could go on, but I think that one's pretty compelling all by itself.

prof topper


My answer would be a little more basic than prof topper. I think personally that science combines the use of observation, intuition, theory, hypothesis, experimentation and analysis. It is our way of observing the world around us...all of us. And all of us can benefit by being taught at least the most rudimentary tenets. Few other subjects will have as wide application in the career, hobby, or general interest of science to as many people.

Ric (rickru)

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