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Name: pat mcdermott
Status: N/A
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Date: 1999

Originally, Coca Cola had cocaine. The current can claims "original" recipe. Does this contain cocaine? If not, how can they advertise original?

I think they're referring to "original" in the sense of "the same as it was before 1978 or so, when the Coca-Cola company tried to change the recipe and introduced a new drink called "New Coke" or, just plain "Coke." So many people got angry and demanded that the company change back that they started selling two kinds of coke, "Coke" and "Coke Classic." Nobody bought "Coke" and so they eventually stopped selling it and now "Coke Classic" is just plain "Coke" again.

Coke had cocaine in it long ago; it is flavored with an extract from the coca leaf (the plant from which cocaine is extracted). Back a long time ago cocaine was being touted as "the new aspirin" and was available from the corner drug store, just like aspirin. Then people started getting addicted to it, it was made illegal in the US, and Coke susbtiuted caffeine for the cocaine to give the drink a "lift" without the addiction...but the coca leaf extract is still used in Coke as far as I know.

Hope this answered your question (which wasn't really about science, but more about society)...

-dr topper

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