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Name: James 
Status: other 
Grade: other 
Location: HI 
Date: June 2007

Is there alcohol in orange juice? Has anyone ever tested exactly how much? Is there alcohol in other non-alcoholic foods or drinks? If so, does anyone have a list?

There isn't alcohol in OJ. But all food has some bacteria in it, and even in the refrigerator these bacteria will start acting on the sugar in the OJ and using it for food. Most bacteria are fermenters. The process of fermentation takes glucose (sugar) and through a multi-step process turns it into carbon dioxide and alcohol. The OJ will taste "bubbly" or "carbonated" and there will be alcohol present as well. There probably wouldn't be enough alcohol to make one feel its effects though.

Refrigeration doesn't kill bacteria, it just slows its metabolism. If you were to leave the OJ out on the counter for a day, this process would happen a lot faster.

Van Hoeck

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