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Name: Sharon
Status: educator
Grade: K-3
Location: NC
Country: N/A
Date: April 2006

Do you have any fun ideas for a kindergarten class science inquiry lesson with integrated math? Thank you for your time!!

You might count and measure trees on the school grounds or in a nearby park, collect leaves from different kinds of trees and measure them and show their different shapes, cut some sections from a tree stump or branch and count the rings, find out how many different kinds of birds or other animals the kids can find, track weather - how many sunny, cloudy, rainy days etc. These web sites may be helpful as well:

A couple book references that might be useful:

Sisson, Edith A. Nature with Children of all Ages. Mass. Audubon Society Sheehan, Kathryn & Mary Waidner. Earth Child. Council Oak Books Acorn Naturalists is a great source of science related material for teachers, parents and kids.

J. Elliott

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