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Name:  Julianne B.
Status: educator
Age: 30s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 9/19/2004


Back to the well water and hair topic...My hair is rust stained--it is a light brown/blonde and it has turned orange in spots from our well water and the fact that at one point we did not have rust-removing salt in our water softener. With that said, my hairdresser has done just about everything with color and it will not mask this orange. Will bleach work? Can she bleach my hair and strip it completely and remove the rust, then we can start over with color? Also, will perm solution remove the rust?


I am afraid the news is not good -- however, there is a solution to your problem.

Why the bad news? If indeed the stains in your hair are deposits of iron (oxide), there is nothing safe that will render them soluble and able to be either bleached or washed away. Put another way, bleach will not work without damaging the structure of the hair to an extent that you would be very unhappy with the result. No perm solution will "remove the rust."

A possible solution: Surely there is a coloring agent dark enough to mask the offending orange. However, I understand that a coloring agent able to do the job may be a color that is not appealing to you. Another approach is to cut away the offending (stained) parts of the hair and let nature take its course. Avoiding abusive hair treatments and things that might stain your hair, in time new growth of your natural color will replace the parts trimmed away. This approach will require the skills of a trained stylist and an accommodation on your part to having a hair style that is not entirely to your liking. Only you can decide if living with the stained part is bearable.

Hair is a fragile, dead protein that cannot be repaired to any significant extent by things you put on it. Only re-growth will provide the fresh start that your situation seems to require.

ProfHoff 913

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