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Name: Kendall D.
Status: student
Age: 16
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 8/1/2004

What is the per capita water consumption in the United States of America (I want included agriculture and industrial)?

Dear Kendall,

There is a web site of water consumption data in the US from the year 1994 that states "In an industrial society such as the United States, personal water consumption is between 200 and 300 liters per day (Fetter, 1994). when the industrial and energy production usage is added in to the equation, fresh water usage exceeds 5,000 liters per day on a per capita basis (Fetter, 1994)."

The website is:

I also found a USGS site that lists ground water withdrawals in the year 2000 on a per state basis at:

I couldn't locate any more recent data. I hope this is helpful!

Todd Clark, Office of Science
U.S. Department of Energy

The following website: by the U.S.E.P.A. gives estimates of water consumption in the U.S. by end use (domestic, agriculture, industrial) and a wealth of other info on water in the U.S. One statistic that I came across that may or may not be on the web site is: The Great Lakes water system -- Superior, Michigan, Huron, etc. -- accounts for 20% of the global surface fresh water. That is an amazing statistic when you realize that surface freshwater is a minuscule percentage of the total water on earth, which is predominantly salt water and the polar ice caps.

Vince Calder

Dear Kendall,

Go to the web site of the American Waterworks Association. They have every breakdown of usage imaginable, from showers and baths to washing machines. The address is

Have fun!

Martha Croll

Kendall D.,

I can offer you the following information regarding consumptive water use in the United States of America. This data comes from the World Bank, 2000.

Industrial use---291.0 billion cubic meters of water. Domestic use----35.8 billion cubic meters of water. Agricultural use-120.9 billion cubic meters of water.

Please note that one cubic meter of water is equivalent to 264.17 gallons U.S. If one has an accurate current population number for the U.S., one can calculate the per capita data rather easily. I hope that this helps.


Bob Trach

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