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Name: Unknown
Status: student
Age: 12
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 1/8/2004

What color light attracts the most bugs and why?

A study done in North Carolina produced this result:

"The results showed that most of the orders were attracted to the blue and the ultraviolet wavelengths. The insects are attracted to these specific light wavelengths because they are shorter with a higher frequency while red wave lengths are longer and have a lower frequency which is harder for the insects to detect. Insects have three special eyes, called ocelli, on the top of their heads, with the specific job of identifying light and not movement (Burnie). The shorter the wavelengths, the easier it is for the ocelli to detect them (Burnie). "

Differential Responses of Insects to Different Wave Lengths of Light
July 19, 2003
Kate Luettich
Field Biology and Ecology
Dr. Michael Baranski, Instructor
Ms. Kristy Rodrigue, Assistant
The report is at

J. Elliott

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