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Name: Sam
Status: student
Age: 12
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 11/9/2003

What color light attracts the most bugs and why?


Those pesky outdoor bugs that always seem to ruin after-dark gatherings see a kind of light you cannot see. Insects see best in the bluish (actually, ultraviolet) part of the electromagnetic spectrum. That is why bug Zapper lights are equipped with a lamp that produces UV light. Bugs are attracted to the light and then killed when they fly into an electrically charged grid-work. Of course, such devices work best if they are placed on the edge of the yard away from the area where the party is going on. Why invite the bugs to the party?

Bugs have poorest vision in the red part of the spectrum. That is why yellow light bulbs are so often used for outdoor illumination. Bugs are not repelled by red or yellow light -- it is just that they are less able to see it.

ProfHoff 746

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