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Name: Jessica R.
Status: student
Age: 15
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 2001

What is the difference between biology and agriculture? They seem similar, but I am having difficulty distinguishing between them.


Biology is the general study of all living systems. Agriculture is the exploitation and modification of domesticated living systems.

ProfHoff 349

Hi, Jessica !!!

I am not sure about understanding your question. Agriculture is the art of cultivating the soil and Biology is the science that studies the living organisms and their interdependencies, aiming discovering the laws that controls the living matter.

Alcir Grohmann

Biology is very broad, it is literally the "study of life." Agriculture is also very broad but is the science and technology of producing food.

J. Elliott

The study of Biology concerns the study of all life...the study of agriculture is the study of growing food, farming, soil...and such...As in any form of intellectual endeavor the subjects have some overlap.

Peter Faletra Ph.D.
Senior Science Advisor
Office of Science
Department of Energy

Biology is the discipline that studies living things in all their aspects from the molecular scale to the macro scale.

Agriculture is the study of living things as it applies to plants and animals that are food sources.

There are significant overlaps, of course, but agriculture could include the economics of farming which would not fall under the discipline of biology.

Vince Calder

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