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Name: Gloria
Status: other
Grade: 12+
Location: Outside U.S.
Country: USA
Date: N/A 

What are some biological advantages of ice in reference to a lake, pond, or stream?


One of the things I can think of is that some eggs and plant seeds need to experience a freeze before they will hatch or germinate. That is a genetic characteristic of their life-cycle.

Some eggs or seeds may require a couple of freeze cycles before they hatch or germinate.

The advantage to this is that it prevents pre-mature hatch/germination. For example, if we have an unusually warm day in January, the eggs or seeds won't hatch or germinate and then die in the middle of winter.

We have all seen daffodil flowers rise early because of unusually warm January/February weather only to be frozen by a March cold spell.

Sincere regards,
Mike Stewart

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