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Name: Lainey
Status: Student
Grade: K-3
Location: WY
Country: United States
Date: Summer 2009

How close have men gotten to the center of the earth?


The deepest hole drilled was on Russia's Kola Peninsula. It took over 20 years to drill to a depth of 12,262 meters.

A few years ago the CHIKYU ship was commissioned to conduct deep drilling. The ship’s drill stem is 10,000 meters long! So, it won’t beat the record depth of over 12,000 meters, but it can drill more quickly and recover cores.

Leslie Kanat
Leslie Kanat, Ph.D.
Professor of Geology
Johnson State College

The simple answer: Not very close at all.

The deepest well is 31,441 feet deep or about 6 miles. That means we are still 3957 miles from the center of Earth.

The deepest mine is about 2 miles deep, and that leaves 3961 miles to go.

R. W. Avakian
Oklahoma State Univ. Inst. of Technology

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