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Name: Gary
Status: Other
Grade: N/A
Location: KS
Country: United States

I have a piece of petrified wood that has been mineralized mostly however there appears to be a small Y branch encased in matrix, has a shiny core (crystal) and surrounded by Wood including a section of bark (thin brown) viewed from back (not the face) Is it common or possible to find actual wood in a piece of petrified wood?


Since the process of developing petrified wood usually involves mineral-rich water flowing through the wood and the minerals replacing the cellulose and cell matter (as these decay away), I imagine the process is from the outside-in. The wood gets petrified on the outside first as those are more easily accessible to the minerals and water and then slowly penetrating inward. It is therefore possible to find a piece of petrified wood in which the encasing minerals have preserved the wood inside or in which the process of petrification has not been completed.

Greg (Roberto Gregorius)

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