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Name: Marny F.
Status: Other
Age: 60s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: September 15, 2004

Do earthquakes occur in Florida and, if so, when and how often?

Florida has earthquakes, but they are rather infrequent and are not known to be severe. However, compared to California and the west coast, the seismic hazards in the East are not well-understood. So, I would not say that it is impossible for Florida to have a damaging earthquake, but it's pretty unlikely. In the last 200 years, very large earthquakes have occurred in Missouri and South Carolina. The Missouri earthquake was large enough to reroute the Mississippi River and the South Carolina earthquake was felt as far away as New York City and was strongly felt in Florida.

You can learn more about earthquakes in Florida by going to the US Geological Survey's web site. The address is:

Andy Johnson

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