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Name: Rex W.
Status: Other
Age: 40s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: March 13, 2004

I am trying to determine the approximate year a map was made. The center point for navigation is latitude N 33.4360 and longitude W 111.3580 The map indicates a North Pole of 8 degrees. Can you tell me which decade between 1780 and 1950 comes closest to 8 degree variance?


There is a declination calculator at, but it only goes back to 1900.

However, considering how the declination was changing previous to about 1930, it would appear to me that the declination was around your 8 degrees East somewhere between 1780 and 1820.

You may be able to find more precise information somewhere on the Internet if you look around a bit.

David R. Cook
Atmospheric Research Section
Environmental Research Division
Argonne National Laboratory

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