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Name: Ed M.
Status: Other
Age: Old
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How does one compare headings on deeds in NJ relative to magnetic north over the period 1878 to today. Some date indicates the drift is as much as 0.15 degrees per year?


The drift in the magnetic field is significant, as you have alluded to. You could use historical maps to get the information that you need, if they are available or you can use a model, such as GEOMAG, available at

Once on the USGS site, do a search for geomag. At the top of the list you should see "Geomag Program Download Form". You can download the most recent program. I'm not sure how far back in time this program will allow you to go. USGS probably also has historical magnetic field maps; you may have to send them an email from their web site to find out more about this.

David R. Cook
Atmospheric Research Section
Environmental Research Division
Argonne National Laboratory

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