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Name: Jakie
Status: Student
Age: 16
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A 


Garbage certainly pollutes the ocean in many ways. This has been a problem along the sea coasts of the United States for many years. It used to be that cities like New York routinely used barges to dump garbage at sea. That practice has been stopped by most cities now. However, ships still routinely dump their garbage at sea and airplanes sometimes dump their lavatories over the oceans. Some of the problems with garbage in the ocean are that it can simply cover sea life at the bottom of the sea and smother it, it can be ingested by sea life (fish, etc.) and harm them, it can contain poisons and toxins which can kill or hurt sea life, and it can contain heavy metals which can accumulate in the sea bottom. Although these affects may not be as dramatic in the sea as they have been in the much shallower great lakes, they can be cumulative over time. An oceanographer may be able to supply you with details from some studies that have been done. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute may be able to help you. There is a man there named Bob Nelson who you could contact - he could probably point you in the right direction. Bob was a class below me in my high school.


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