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Name: Judy
Status: Other
Age: 50s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A 

Question - I lived in the Arizona desert, Yucca, Arizona to be exact 30 miles from Kingman, Arizona. A few feet from the house was our camper shell, I saw heat lightening and went outside to watch, I was between the house and camper shell, when this bolt of lightening hit the ground a few inches from me. I was frozen in the spot where I stood, when it was over the ground was smoking and the hole in the ground was the size of a quarter. I want to know weather this can or could have an effect on brain activitity and Heart problems, also eyes. I see color flashes, and have problems with geometric shapes. I appreciate any info. Judy

There are studies done at the University of Illinois-Chicago Campus dealing with lightning strikes. If you were hit or absorb any of the energy, this should be reviewed by your physician. The absorption will have lasted a minute fraction of a second, but potential damage can affect many facets. If the lighning struck the ground, it did so because it was seeking a negative source---the ground. Even though a person could have been hit by lightning, many people think that one would be smoked and charred---NOT TRUE! As I have mentioned, if you feel things are different, see your physician and explain what happened.


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