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Name: Elaine
Status: Student
Age: 17
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A 

I wouuld like to know the rates of decomposition of various materials in landfills. Thanks!

The sender is advised to consult her local municipal solid waste authority or the one at the state level. She can also contact an engineering consulting firm that deals with landfill design, etc. (such as Montgomery Watson, O'Brien and Gere, Roy F. Weston Co., CH2M-Hill, etc.) as well as BFI (Browning Ferris Industries) in Houston-- the very large landfill and solid waste company. She can also try the American Water Works Association, the Water Pollution Control Federation, and the California Water Pollution Control Association. There are other professional groups as well

The sender may wish to consult the following text for some ideas of composting rates of some solid materials: Compost Engineering, Principles and Practice by Roger Tim Haug, copyrighted in 1980 by Ann Arbor Science Publishers, Inc. and published by Technomic Publishing Co., Inc. Lancaster, PA (see Table 2.1). This text has an extensive references list at the back of the book. Reference #207 is by Niese, G. "Experiments to Determine the Degree of Decomposition of Refuse by Its Self-Heating Capability," International Research Group on Refuse Disposal Information Bulletin 17 (1963). Maybe this will help.

John Suermann

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