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Name: Wanda
Status: educator
Grade: 6-8
Country: USA
Date: Fall 2013

What tool can be used to measure light reflection from different colored metal roofs?

Hi Wanda,

Thanks for the question. It can be very simple to measure light reflection. I would recommend using a light meter that you can purchase from a camera store. You can mount the light meter in a box so that ambient light does not affect it while it measures the reflected light.

I hope this helps. Thanks Jeff Grell

A camera. Fix the aperture/exposure settings, and use the brightness and color of each pixel to compare reflection.

A more thorough answer would require what exactly you're trying to measure/accomplish with the experiment... but if you are collecting light, a simple camera is often a cheap/effective tool.

Hope this helps, Burr Zimmerman


You can use a light meter commonly used in photography. Go to and search for "light meter". Here is a good overview of light meters:

Sincere regards, Mike Stewart

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