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Name: Jose
Status: Student
Grade: 6-8
Location: SC
Country: United States
Date: Spring 2010

What are "smart dust"? Are "smart dust" nanotechnology? Is it bigger or smaller?

From Wikipedia at:

Smartdust is a hypothetical wireless network of tiny microelectromechanical sensors (MEMS), robots, or devices, that can detect (for example) light, temperature, or vibration.

A typical application scenario is scattering a hundred of these sensors around a building or around a hospital to monitor temperature or humidity, track patient movements, or inform of disasters, such as earthquakes. In the military, they can perform as a remote sensor chip to track enemy movements, detect poisonous gas or radioactivity.

SMART Dust is an application of nano technology.

This article shows a picture of a SMART Dust device and explains more about its construction and component parts:

See what else you can find by "Googling" "SMART DUST"

Sincere regards,
Mike Stewart


Well, this is a new one on me! It seems that "Smart Dust" is a hypothetical concept that would use so-called Nanotechnology. Here is a Wikipedia article that gives an overview of it...

Unfortunately, this article is rather technical, but considering the exrtemely technical (and theoretical) nature of this subject, simple explanations are not possible.


Bob Wilson

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