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Name: Kayla
Status: Student
Grade: 9-12
Location: IN
Country: United States
Date: Spring 2009

I was looking around an old railroad track area and I had found something in the ground that had a cap on top of this stake and it had said Banning Eng Control Point and I was trying to figure out what it really was used for. The size is about 18 to 24 inches long. It honestly just looks like a really big screw. It is made out of re-bar. The track is not there anymore but I do know that it was at a location where it was getting ready to go on a bridge.

In your state (IN) there is a surveying and engineering firm by that name (Banning Engineering). A control point is just a location references used during surveying and is generally used for horizontal location during construction or other activities. They are similar to "benchmarks" which you will occasionally find, usually embedded in rock, placed by the National Geodetic Survey. Benchmarks are also concerned with elevation (altitude) and are usually marked with the elevation. In the recreation called geocaching (i.e., using GPS to find hidden "treasure boxes"), a "control point" often means any of these sorts of official location markers (SCPs, benchmarks, city markers, tidal benchmarks, etc).

Paul Bridges

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