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Name: Tariq
Status: Student
Grade: 6-8
Location: PA
Country: United States
Date: November 2008

I am doing a science fair project on testing the strengths of different types of glue such as super glue, gorilla etc. However, I am not exactly sure how I should conduct my experiment to test this. Would you be able to suggest the best possible way to accurately perform my experiment, and some suggestions on good types of glue that I could possibly test?

Dear Tariq-

There are many standard testing procedures depending on class of adhesive. These include PSTC, AFERA, ASTM, and ISO. There is a group, Chemsultants International, among others, that list these tests. You would need to do a secondary search with the specific test you desire. We recommend a search for "Adhesive Test Methods" and possibly adding one of the standards groups listed above.

---Nathan A. Unterman

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