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Name: Tara
Status: Student
Grade: 6-8
Location: CO
Country: United States
Date: November 2007

What are the different colors of photovoltaic solar cells and what part do they play? Is there a most commonly used color of photovoltaics?

Hi Tara,

The color of photovoltaic cells has no particular connection with their power output. You may have seen different colors with different types or brands of photovoltaic cells, but this is simply a result of their particular manufacturing process, and has no direct bearing on the cell's output. Certainly, photovoltaic cells are more sensitive to some colors than others, meaning that they will generate more power when certain colors of light are used than others, but there is nothing to be gained by filtering out the colors they are not sensitive to. Most photovoltaics appear blue or slightly purplish in color, but that is simply a result of the treatment given to the silicon they are made from and is not a deliberate attempt to make them that color.


Bob Wilson.

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