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Name: Rich A.
Status: Other
Grade: Other
Location: NY
Country: United States
Date: May 2006

I am not a student. I ride the Long Island Rail Road and get severe interference on the AM band of my WalkMan.

The interference comes from the train's very powerful electric motors. Can anyone recommend an AM radio or a solution where I do not get interference?

C.Crane co has antennas for A.M radios

James Przewoznik

Dear Rich,

I am afraid that interference is an attribute of AM radio. FM is noticeably better in suppression of interference. I presume, however, that you have a favorite AM station.

You might try a directional antenna or a bandpass filter on the antenna. Surf the web or try Radio Shack.

Good luck!

Best, Dick Plano, Professor of Physics emeritus, Rutgers University

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