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Name: amanda
Status: student
Grade: 6-8
Location: NM 
Country: N/A
Date: 10/25/2005

What is in sugar that gets you hyperactive?

Everything needs some form of sugar to survive. In a way, sugar is what gives you energy. When you eat a lot of sugar your body starts to quickly digest it all and in some people it will give you a burst of energy. This burst will not last long, because the body will be working so fast that soon the sugar will be gone and you will feel worse than you did before you ate all the sugar!

Grace Fields

There is some debate whether/or how sugar intake can make a person, especially young children, hyperactive. On the one hand, medically the evidence does not support that sugar causes a large degree of hyperactive. None the less, many teachers and parents observe, or appear to observe, increased activity and decreased control in children after they have had a large dose of sugar. This is a tricky metabolic / behavioral interplay because it is difficult to quantify "hyperactivity" by some measurable analytical test.

Vince Calder

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