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Name: Nicholas
Status: Student
Age: 16
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: August 2004

I was searching for sites which give much information about alloys.

That is a very large topic!! There are thousands of different alloys and each has hundreds of properties that have been measured or calculated. You can do a Google search, and get a lot of info, but you need to refine your target to avoid being submerged in data.

Vince Calder

The best information about alloys is from handbooks found in university libraries. Technical societies, such as American Society for Metals, publish large books about the properties of not just metal alloys, but ceramics and plastics too.

The metals industry has begun to organize web sites such as, that have useful information. In addition, individual distributors of commercial alloys sometimes give alloy properties.

Bob Erck

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