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Name: Paul K.
Status: Other
Age: 50s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: September 2002

Why is the runway on an aircraft carrier built at an offset angle to the line running straight along the length of the ship?

It is for a couple reasons, placement or usage of "space" and safety. If you look at the deck made up of 2 rectangles put end to end lengthwise, and just put the tower in the middle as a reference point. Then inscribe parallel lines in each rectangle, from one corner to the other-(now forming an arrangement of 4 equal triangles)you will have a simple layout of the deck. The "hypotenuse" (2 of them) for the triangles would now be the longest distance-hence use that line for the landing and take off lines!. The forward line would be used for take-offs and the rear for landing.

If both the take-off and landing were done along the straight line then an incoming plane could crash into one taking off. Incoming planes have to catch the wire and only have a small area to do this-so when an (jet) airplane is coming in to land and touches the deck they hit full throttle, if they catch the wire they will stop and then reduce throttle, if they miss then they will have enough power and speed to take off for another try.

I apologize for any confusion but without being able to draw it I hope this wordy answer helps.

M. Baldwin

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