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Name: Stephanie
Status: Student
Age: 18
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A

How can I make a battery operated cooler? Is it possible to cause water to circulate around the inside of the walls of a cooler and use a fan, powered by batteries to cool the water and therefore keep the inside of the cooler, cool longer?

Yes a battery operated cooler is possible and commercially available, as for making one that is a different story. What your describing is sort of like how a radiator in a car works and it works because the engine is usually hotter than the outside air temperature, so using a fan to blow air on the hot water from the engine actually cools the water, or the air takes the heat away from the water. As for making a cooler, I assume to keep a beverage cold or food, this would not work and would actually warm the cooler, if you were to recalculate cold water from the cooler to the warm outside and have a fan blow on it, it would actually warm the water, if you put your hand on the other side of the fan the air would be cooler due to the temperature of the water but what I am saying is that after sometime the water would approach the temperature of the air outside the cooler since you are blowing warm air on it.

What is needed is something to cool the water again, such as ammonia or like your refrigerator and AC work using DuPont's Freon (TM) in which case you would need a pump and compressor, compressing the gas to its liquid form then as it evaporates or changes phase it would be absorbing heat. Investigate Thermodynamics for an answer in greater detail. All I am saying is a fan doesn't really cool you it but the temperature of the air the fan is blowing. Not to confuse things but look at a hair dryer all that is is a fan and a heater to heat the air up, well in your case you would need something as mentioned above to actually cool the air down. Good Luck


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