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Name: David
Status: Student
Age: 15
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A

What skills would a biomedical engineer need?
What personal abilities and characteristics does this occupation require?
What kind of businesses hire biomedical engineers?
What are the fringe benefits(vacation, insurance, sick leavepaid holidays etc.)

Since my daughter is in school pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering, I can say a few things. This subject requires a great understanding of high level math, physics, chemistry and biology. You have to be versed and proficient in all these areas. It has been termed one of the most demanding engineering pursuits.

These engineers design and build prototypes of medical equipment or related equipment or any equipment for that matter. They also design improvements to existing designs. Actually, there is a number of possibilities for this type of engineer. You have to be good with building things and working in teams. You can easily go into medial school or vet school as well.

Many businesses hired these engineers such as pharmaceutical interests and just about any business in medicine or alike. You can also easily go into other fields because of the skills demanded of this field.

Pay and benefits depends upon the company that employs you, however, most engineers usually do well in all areas.

Steve Sample

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