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I homeschool a 10 yr. old who will be a full-time student at a local university in the fall. He wants to know how we could build a device that would interfere with strong base sound waves and neutralize them: perhaps using a digital sensor to detect sound wave frequency, the device could then generate another sound wave pattern to interfere destructively with it, reducing or eliminating the previous sound intensity.

I don't have a strong enough physics background to know how to go about doing this. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. My son has me temporarily stumped over this one.

I too don't have any expertise in this, but my suspicion is that something like this already exists. I recall hearing about a device that could effectively remove noise from journalist interviews by using something similar to what you describe. I cannot say this ever was actually constructed, perhaps not. Hopefully someone closer to physics can provide more detailed information or a place to go to research this.

Good luck!
Thanks for using NEWTON!
Dr. Rupnik

What you need is a microphone, an inverting amplifier, and a speaker. It's best if the amplifier and speaker don't introduce any phase shift, but this is difficult to arrange.

Tim Mooney

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