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Name: Richard
Status: Other
Age: 40s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A

I would like to know if it is possable to equip a person with a radio transmitter and determine his location by triangulation and radio telemetry? The area of the scan would be under 100 meters by 100 meters. But would require the scan to tell whether the person was at ground level, 10' to 100' above ground and 10 feet below ground level. The data could be received by a computer.

I am not an expert on radio telemetry, but it is possible to locate someone's position by triangulation; security agencies do it all the time. I do not know the particular systems that might work in the scenario you described, but from what you said you may be overlooking a very simple solution.

There are very good GPS (geographic/global positioning systems) on the market already that are hand held that will tell you a person's location, height above sea level, etc. A lot of camping, hiking and other people like surveyors already use these things in daily life. If you consult a good outdoor supply place like L.L. Bean in Maine, REI out of Seattle, Erehwon oufitters, Eddie Bauer, etc. and a host of others, you can find a good hand held GPS system that may fit what you are looking for (be advised the good ones are not cheap--at least several hundred dollars). I do not know if the GPS readouts are adaptable to computer storage, but given the state of technology today there are probably units that already can do this. If push came to shove, you can use a GPS system to locate your position and then use a portable PC that you carry with you (or something like a Palm Pilot Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) to store the position data that you take off the read out from the GPS. Just a thought.

John S

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