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Name: Harold
Status: student
Grade: 12+
Country: USA
Date: Fall 2011

What is he "best" data-structure?

There is no "best" data structure. First, you must define what is meant by "best" (smallest memory footprint, fastest, most scalable, etc.). Then you must take constraints into account (like cost, development time, etc.). Then you make an decision as to what is best (based on experience). People with different experiences often make different decisions as to what is "best". Also, what data structures is "best" depends on the problem being solved. Different problems often have different "best" solutions, everything else being equal.

Scott P. Smith

Hi Harold,

It is not clear to me what you mean by "data structure". If you are referring to digital formats such as binary, octal, BCD, hexadecimal, etc., then there is no absolute "best". Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Some formats are more suited to a particular use than others. Your question is no different than asking "which is the best type of steel". The answer to that is also dependent on what you are using it for.

Bob Wilson

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