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Name: Jim B.
Status: Other
Age: 60s
Location: N/A
Date: 8/4/2004

For backup purposes I am trying to reduce the quantity of the data to back up. I am running a WIN 2000 pro system. I had about 13K files, some with large attachments, in my Outlook Express Inbox.DBF and Sent Items.DBF files. They totaled about 2.8GB worth of data. I deleted most of the files (out of the Deleted Items area as well). The size of the 2 aforementioned DBX files actually increased slightly. I did not expect that. The result is that my backup problems are exacerbated. What is up?

Truthfully, I do not know that much about Outlook Express. This site is a help site for users at the University of Delaware. Most of it is not very helpful, but it talks about "Purging deleted messages". It may be that the emails are still in the deleted folder. It is worth a shot. Sorry I couldn't be more help and I hope I did not misunderstand.

Jon Card

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