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Name: Mal
Status: Other
Age: 40s
Location: N/A
Date: 7/21/2004

I have Windows 2000 installed on my computer. How do I enter into DOS prompt to enable me to delete a file that I cannot delete through Windows, due to it being used. I am sure it is a virus file.

You can try going through the command prompt using Start->Run->"cmd" and then navigating to the folder and typing "delete ". I don't think this will work; I think Windows will probably not let you delete the file if it is being used.

However, I would recommend getting a virus cleaner like Norton Anti-Virus, McAfee's anti-virus system, or PC-cillin (This may not be the right spelling). It is always dicey to delete files yourself. Additionally, there may be more clean-up involved, like changing registry settings and the like.

There are also "ad-ware" cleaners like Spybot and a few others that may take care of programs that are not, technically, viruses but are nuisances (one example of this is WildTangent, an on-line gambling application).

If it is a .dll, you may be able to see which processes are using it by running a program called "tlist". With this, you can list all of the .dll files loaded by all processes currently running and see which process is using the .dll. Try "tlist /?" to start. This program does not appear to come installed, but I believe it is on the Windows 2000 CD in that the installation program is under x:\support\tools where x is the CD drive.

Good luck

Jon Card

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