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Name: Aissa M.
Status: Other
Age: 20s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: December 2002

I am a graphic designer and have worked primarily with Macs. However, at my current job I work with a PC. I make ads for our company and send those ads via e-mail to the publishers. We use a certain font for all our ads and when I send the ads to the publishers I must include all the pictures/images/logos/fonts to collect for output. On my Mac I can go into my font software, click on a font folder and drag it to a disk or insert it as an attachment on an e-mail so if the person I am sending the ad does not have that particular font that person can add that font folder to their font software and use it when opening the document so there is no need for substitution of fonts which can alter the measurements and design of the ad. PC does not seem to have that ability. In closing my question is, How can I send a font via e-mail to another PC/Mac user and how can I download that font from our software in order to attach it or place it on a disk?

On a PC, I am assuming you are using (Windows 95/98/Me) there is a folder called windows/fonts. All of the fonts are stored in this folder. So you can drag the fonts out of this folder and attach it to your email, and then the receiver can put them in his fonts folder.

This is not an ideal system, but it works for Windows fonts. Adobe type manager fonts work differently and I am not entirely familiar with that.

Eric Tolman
Computer Scientist

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