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Name: Nelly
Status: Student
Age: 17
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: October 2002

I have a dell laptop, Pentium IV Windows XP. Recently, I noticed that there are some problem with my computer. Whenever I shut down my computer, it always hangs. I have to press the turn off button long enough so that it will turn off. What happened to my computer? Will this harm my computer? I also notice that my computer always encounters "unresponding program" problem.


While there probably couldbe a variety of problems, in the past I have had this occur when too many programs remained open when I attempted to shut down the computer.

To see if this is the cause of your situation, you can go to the system tray ay the bottom of your screen, right click on each open program, and close them infdividually . One they are closed, attempt your normal shutdown. If this works, then you would have to decide if you need all of the programs opening at startup. If so, you can save yourself time by shutting each down prior to your computer shutdown.

Thanks for using NEWTON!

Ric Rupnik

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