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Name: Lyle E.
Status: Other
Age: Old
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: September 2002

Hello all,

Here is my problem.

In Windows95, When I click on the "My Computer icon", the window that appears has, (in addition to the normal folders) three (3) extra unnamed folders which cannot be opened and cannot be deleted.

I have not a clue as to how they got there, but I sure would like to get rid of them.


This is normally an indication of some sort of corruption in Windows. You may want to first just try re-installing Windows over the top using the cab files on the Windows CD. The easiest way to do this is to copy the win95 directory from the cd to your hard drive and boot into DOS. From DOS, change over to the directory that you created and type setup. This will run you through the standard setup, but will not erase your data. Be forewarned that you may need to re-install some of your applications after setup is complete. If this does not work, I would erase the entire computer and start fresh. Now, all of this being said, I probably would not do either of these if you just have a few unnamed folders appearing. If you have that plus other strange problems or issues, then I would try the options above. If you decide to do this, and it is your first time wiping out a computer, you may want to talk a friend who has had experience with this to help you.

Good luck!
Nick Hitchcock

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