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Name: Joe D.
Status: Other
Age: Old
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: May 2002

When search engines as Google brings up information, I see it appearing or recorded under "HISTORY" and held there for a specified time. What happens to all that information then? Is it trashed somewhere? Is it recoverable? If so how? Does it land up on hard drive also? I have a Millennium 2000 computer. Thank you. I just recently discovered your "Ask A Scientist" Program and I think it is terrific.

Joe, this is a great question. When using Microsoft Internet Explorer to browse the web, one of the features bundled into this program is the ability to save your history of visited web pages. Web pages have a unique identifier that is used to locate them on the Internet, this unique identifier is called a URL, (universal resource locator) some times URLs can be quite large and hard to remember. That is why Internet Explorer will save them for you, in your "History" folder. Internet Explorer by default will save them for 20 days, you can configure this setting to what ever you would like. The history information is saved on the hard drive and can be recovered if necessary. I hope this answers your question.

Thanks for using NEWTON.
Joe Noga

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