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Name: Chand
Status: Student
Age: 20s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: Around 2001

Please tell me what is the relationship between PC's speed and memory. To increase speed of the PC whether the memory should be more or less if it is more how it will increase PC speed.

Chand, that is a very good question.

When asked how will more memory increase the speed of your computer there are a few ways to answer this question, I am going to give you a high level answer that will hopefully answer your question. When a program is executed on your computer, the program needs to load it self into memory from your hard disk. (A hard disk is a physical device that is used to store and retrieve data.) If you computer is does not have any given amount of memory available the program cannot completely load into memory resulting in frequent trips to the hard disk to complete the loading of the program into memory. The technical term for this is paging. The more trips your computer needs to make to the hard disk to load in a program into memory will make your computer seem slower. The reason it needs to make more trips is because your computer is lacking in memory and can only load small chunks of the program. The more memory your computer has, the hard disk can load larger chunks your program into memory thus getting the task done quicker and making your computer seem faster. In summary the more memory your computer has the less time is spends accessing the hard disk to load information, thus making your computer seem faster. You can dig a hole with a spoon, but you can dig it faster with a shovel.

I hope this helps
Joe Noga

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