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Name: STanley
Status: Educator
Age: Old
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: Around 2001

What are the hardware demands for setting up a Web Site? How much ROM and RAM are needed? When sites like Yahoo offer you free Web space, does this lesson the requirements on your personal computer? I have a Macintosh, Performa 6115CD, with Windows 98.

In order to set up a web site, you need an HTML editor and someone to host your web page. You can either set up your own server to host your web page, and have your computer always connected to the internet, or you can have someone like Yahoo host the page.

Usually, unless you have a lot of money and a real reason to do so, you would have someone like Yahoo host your web page. This is what they mean by free Web Space. They are offering you a small amount of hard disk space on their computer for you to store your web page. You will edit the web page using your HTML editor, and then upload it to their server so it can be stored on their computer's hard disk.

When you have someone else host your page, you don't have any requirement at all for your computer, and except whatever is needed for your HTML editor. If you can run Mac OS or Windows, somewhere there is an HTLM editor that will run on your computer.

Eric Tolman
Computer Scientist

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